Student Guide for WebStudy for both online & web-enhanced courses
Here are some general instructions for using the WebStudy Course Management System.  Your instructor will provide specific instructions about the features they are using for their course.

  1. Go to www.manor.edu
  2. Click on the WebStudy icon (see above icon)


IMPORTANT: See the Please Note message at the bottom of the Login box. Make sure that your browser will accept cookies. If you do not know how to do this, you can click here at the bottom of the box and you will get specific instructions for your browser.

  1. Type your LOGIN NAME and PASSWORD into the login screen on the right side of the screen. You will be set up in the system by the beginning of the semester.
  2. Your LOGIN NAME is your Manor College Student ID (Example: A000123457).
  3. Your initial WebStudy PASSWORD will be password.  It is very important that the first thing you do in WebStudy is to click on the Personal tab, select the About option and change this to a new password. 
  4. Classes are available from 12:01AM the first day of the semester until 11:59 the last day of finals of that the semester (except OL101 which starts 1 week prior to a semester)
  5. If you are unable to login, send an e-mail to helpdesk@manor.edu with the following information:
    • Your first and last names
    • Your StudentID
    • Your manor e-mail address
  6. When you login your Welcome page will appear (see below). Go to the TOP RIGHT corner and click the down arrow to see the courses in which you are enrolled:

NOTE:  Students taking ONLINE courses must complete the course OL101 OLA as a prerequisite to their first online course.  Students must successfully complete the final exam in this course (70%).   OL101 OLA only needs to be taken once.  Only students in online courses can access OL101 OLA.   You can refer back to it in later semesters when you are enrolled in online courses if you want to review the material, but you do not need to retake the exam.  The grade (S for satisfactory) will only appear once on your transcript.  A grade of U (unsatisfactory) will appear on your transcript if you do not pass or take the final exam.  This is a 0 credit course that will not impact your GPA.   There is more info about how to use this course at the end of this document. Students in web-enhanced courses will not have access to OL101 OLA.

  • Intro to WebStudy:
    • The Welcome Page - Student can see at-a-glance if they have new and unread e-mails, unread forums, what assignments are due and when, their graded work ready for them to view grades and Instructor's comments.
    • Top Tabs:
      • WebStorium are resources that anyone can access from WebStudy
      • Mail is an e-mail that can only be used in WebStudy. You can use this to communicate with other classmates and your instructor.
      • Personal is how you would go in to change your Password or personal information in WebStudy
      • Calendar will show you assignments and exams if the instructor has put dates due on these resources.
    • To get to your class, click on the down arrow next to SELECT A COURSE at the right of the menu bar.  Click on the desired course code and click on the >> button.
    • The screen will change to the About page for your class. This has general information the instructor has chosen to share with the students.
    • Use the TABS on the right side of the screen to navigate around the class website. Your instructor chooses which of these will be available for you.  A brief description of the possible tabs is provided here:
      • About – general course info
      • Timeline – This is the “heart” of WebStudy. Use this to follow the course requirements and access the various resources that are available.
      • News - Announcements
      • Teams – Used if your instructor has set up teams
      • Students – Shows info on your classmates
      • Links – External links that the instructor has set up for you to access
      • Materials – additional resources provided by the instructor
      • Tests – Quizzes are ungraded; EXAMS are graded
      • Grades – Students can see their grades in assignments, exams, etc.
      • Work2Do - Assignments
      • Forum – Discussion Forums
      • Live – Online chat capability for real-time online communication


    • Discussion Forums
      • Use this to conduct class discussions outside of class. Instructors determine whether students can start new threads or just reply.  You type in the text box and then click Submit.  The THREADS are the comments at the leftmost point, with the replies falling under them.
      • To add discussion forum comments:
        • Either Reply to someone else’s comment or Post a new thread (if this is a new topic).
        • Be sure to include a Subject Line, and then type the text in the message box.  You can also attach files to discussion forum comments. Click Submit when you are done.

OL 101 OLA - Manor College Online Courses Orientation
This course is ONLY available to students currently enrolled in online courses (not web-enhanced courses). Student must successfully complete OL101 OLA once by scoring at or above 70% in the FINAL EXAM (there is also a practice quiz, but that score is not counted).

  1. Highlight Manor College Online Courses Orientation, and then click the Red GO flag. The home page for the Online Courses Orientation will appear on the screen:
  2. Click on the Welcome Video link. You will need Media Player and speakers to watch the video. If you do not have the necessary software you can download it for free from the Download Plug-ins link on the http://manor.webstudy.com page.
  3. After watching the video, click on the Timeline tab and follow through each of the Sessions.
  4. What if you need help?
  • If you need a login for the course: Send an e-mail to helpdesk@manor.edu (see #5 above) as well as to the instructor for the course (see www.manor.edu and click on Faculty to get instructor information).
  • If you have technical problems with WebStudy: Click the Help tab at the bottom of the window.
    • From the Help screen click SUPPORT at the top of the screen:
    • You can call for technical support, or send an e-mail to obtain assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Academic Assistance: Your first contact for any concerns you have should be your Academic Advisor. Contact this person if you have any questions, problems, or just don’t know where to go. Keep in mind that FREE TUTORING is available for all courses through the Manor College Learning Center. It is a great resource – use it!
  • If you have difficulty in a course you should begin by contacting the instructor. An online course is NOT an independent study; the instructor is available to help you succeed in the course. If you cannot resolve the issues then the next person to contact is the division chairperson for the division that offers the course (Allied Health, Liberal Arts, or the Business Division). All science and math courses are offered through Allied Health; Business Division courses are Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, and Legal Studies courses; Liberal Arts includes Communications, English, History, Philosophy, Religion and Social Sciences courses.

Please keep in mind that online courses still have schedules that must be followed. This includes the drop/add dates; the course withdraw dates; assignment, exam and project dates due. Time management and strong organizational skills are critical to success in an online course. Be sure to schedule at least 7.5 hours per week to complete course work.
We hope that WebStudy enhances your learning experience at Manor College by providing you with resources that are always available to you online to support your learning.