Manor College IT Department

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Manor's IT department is dedicated to provide you with the best support for all your computer related problems. The office is located in the academic building, 2nd floor, between rooms 28 and 29

-Electronic Communication Systems Policies and Guidelines

-Wireless Internet is available in most indoor places on campus

- Purchase software such as Microsoft Office (on-line store)

-Saving your files on campus:
After you login on the computers on campus you will find a connection to your folder on our server. (open "my computer" and verify that you see "G" your first initial and last name.) This folder can only be accessed by you while you are on campus. This is a safe place to keep your files. You can connect to this folder from any computer on campus as long as you login as yourself. Other options are: A USB flash drive or email yourself a copy of your work.
-It's important to know that anything changed or saved to the hard drive of any computer on campus will not be there after that computer is restarted because of the security software which is installed on all the computers.
- You also have the option to use the Google Drive which comes as part of your Manor email.