Real Estate Faculty Spotlight

Denise Lombardo
Denise Lombardo has been teaching the real estate courses for licensing at Manor College for over 25 years! Ms. Lombardo is both a licensed Real Estate Agent, as well as, a Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker. Since 1998, she has been sole proprietor of The Realty Group in Jenkintown, where she is responsible for managing commercial and residential properties. Denise is a member of Manor’s Real Estate Advisory Committee where she serves as a consultant for Manor’s real estate licensing course offerings. Denise brings real life practices, experience and professionalism to the classroom. Her expertise and knowledge prepare the students for their real estate exam. Students commend Ms. Lombardo for her quick wit, extensive knowledge of licensing laws, regulations in the real estate industry, and of course, her ethics! All of us at Manor College appreciate her long-standing contributions to the Continuing Education Department.