tuition and fees Adult Degree Program

Making your degree affordable

Earning your degree is an investment in your future and yourself.  We believe that a great education doesn't have to be expensive and we have developed a degree program that is not only designed with your busy work and life schedule but is also highly affordable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your courses are priced at $599 per credit hour.  To complete the programs currently offered you will need between 60 and 65 credits depending on the program.  

Are there ways I can lower my costs?

Absolutely.  Ask about our Presidential Scholarship for new adult students up to $500 for the first semester if you apply by July 1. This one-time award is a way to help you get started in the degree at a slightly lower cost in your first semester.

If you have already earned some college credits, send us your official college transcripts and we will evaluate them to see how many credits can be transferred to the degree program.

You may also be able to earn credit by examination for subjects you know well but have never taken for college credit.  There is a $35 fee for each credit you earn through examination.

Manor also awards credit for life experience you may have gained that is directly and significantly related to an academic subject.  We charge a $100 portfolio assessment fee. For more information, click here.

How can I pay for the degree?

Manor has several options to help you pay for your degree.  First, make sure to apply for financial aid.  You may qualify for grants that directly lower the cost or low-interest government loans to help you finance your degree.

We also have no-interest payment plans and accept major credit cards.  Check with your employer to see if you may be eligible for tuition reimbursement.


Other fees:

Audit Fee (Per Credit) 100% of tuition
Entrance Retest Fee $25
Exemption Test $30
Graduation Fee $125
Lab Fee $100
Orientation Fee  $50
Returned Check $15
Transcript Fee $5
On Demand $15
Late Payment Fee   $60
Credit by Examination  
(CLEP) (Per Credit)  $35
Portfolio Assessment $100
Replacement ID Card $10