Student Services for Adult Students

The Manor College Student Activities Department works closely with our Adult Learner students to provide an exciting college experience outside the classroom. Whether you are returning to school after taking time off, or if this is your first time in college, we can help you take advantage of all that Manor College has to offer.

Adult Learners are welcome to participate in any student activity, but we also have some just for you!  These include free coffee events to get you through those night classes, giveaways to get you into the Manor spirit, and free food (because every college student loves free food, no matter what your age is!).  

Throughout the year, the Student Activities Department plans events, speakers, trips and more! Many of these events take place in the evenings, so they will fit right in with your schedules!  We even have family-friendly events so you can bring your loved ones along to enjoy the fun!

The Student Activities Department also has extended evening hours two days a week to help serve our adult population. Students may also consider becoming the Student Senate Adult Learner Representative or get involved in other student organizations or honor societies on campus.