Liberal Arts Faculty and Staff

The Liberal Arts Office is located in the mezzanine level of the Basileiad Library.

Office Hours: Main Phone:
Monday - Friday 215-885-2360 ext. 246
9:00 - 5:00 pm

Nadine Charlap, Administrative Assistant,

Cherie Crosby Liberal Arts Chairperson, Director of Early Childhood Education Program ext. 247
Christine Erdner Psychology Program Director, Professor of Psychology ext. 252
Anne Knop Senior Associate Professor of Philosophy ext. 249
Michael Landis Liberal Arts Program Director, Director of Learning Center, Senior Associate Professor ext. 267
Madeline Seltzer Retention Coordinator, Professor of English ext. 250
Matthew Smalarz
History/Social Sciences Coordinator, Professor of History
ext 251
Elizabeth Knauss

Professor of English

ext 248

Michael Sims

Religious Studies Coordinator, Asst. Professor of Religion

ext 311

Adjunct Professors

Acosta-Nelson, Ines 
Ahonkhai, Bernadine
Atkins, Larry 
Atwood, Cheree
Blyweiss, David
Brooks, Beth 
Buchler, Mark 
Calvanese, Carmen
Canole, Gentiana
Cohen, Barry 
Cohen, Christine
Coller, Mark
Croke, Mary
Diaz-Gilbert, Miriam
Fajge, Erica
Gallagher, Erin 
Gates, Zakia
Gidjunis, Paula
Gramiak, Irena
Grecco, Nina
Greenbaum, Steve
Hawkins, Lisa
Hawkins, Mark
Jacobs, Lauri
Jaecks, Theresa
Marks, Michelle 
McCrane, Brian
Mulligan, Katie
Murray, Lauren
Nesvisky, Matt
Nix, Robert 
Notarfrancesco, Andrew
Plotnick, Walter
Rudnick, Karen 
Seltzer, Alvin 
Sims, Mary
Slack, Kacey
StancilGunkel, Cassandra
Stanton, Theresa
Stubel, Patricia
Tomezsko, George 
Vadas, Susan
Verni, Thomas
Weachter, Dana
Wheeler, Brooke bwheeler@manor.ed