Allied Health, Science and Mathematics Faculty and Staff

The Allied Health, Science and Mathematics Office is located in the ground level of the Basileiad Library

Office Hours: Main Phone:
Monday - Friday 215-885-2360 ext 220
9:00 - 5:00 pm
Administrative Assistant: Maryann Rooney

Allied Health

Julie Senecoff Ph. D.
Allied Health Program Director and Chemistry/Physics Coordinator
ext. 314
Aneesh Khushman M. D. Biology Coordinator ext. 313
Robert Mishur Chemistry ext. 224
Nancy Ceranic Microbiology coordinator ext. 225


Jaime Simpson Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program Director ext. 288
Virginia Saunders, Ed.D. Dental Hygiene Program Director and AHS&M Division Chairperson ext. 284, web page
Joanne Scorpio Dental Hygiene Clinic Coordinator ext. 282
Kathy Malone Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Educational Coordinator ext. 287, web page


Chris Schoettle Mathematics Coordinator ext. 303
Sister Monica Lesnick Assistant Professor of Mathematics ext. 253
Leslie Weinfeld Mathematics Instructor ext. 222

Veterinary Technology

Joanna Bassert, VMD. Vet. Tech. Program Director ext. 221, web page
Beverly Bisaccia, CVT Vet. Tech. Education Coordinator ext. 227, web page
Marks, Stephanie, DVM Clinical Coordinator (SA) ext. 226

Adjunct Professors

Bentz, Amy
Berkenstock, Lisa
Bobrin, Elisa
Boelter, Kathleen 
Caldwell, Victoria 
Conlan, Margaret
Cortese, Christine
Daily, Kathleen 
DiProspero, Carla
Donovan, Karen
Ducray, Laura
Dugan, Barbara 
Fenderson, Faith
Fox, Elizabeth
Francis, Kelly
Geller, Danielle
Grecco, Nina
Hannon, Jane
Heasley, Patrick
Hoffart, Peggy
Hostvedt, Joanne 
Kilgore, Ann Marie
Lauderdale, Crystal VMD 
Luddecke, Tricia
Mangifesta, Julie
Mottershead. Robert
Nesvisky, Matthew
Notarfrancesco, Stephen
Osinaiya, Temi
Pannucci, Maria
Poll, Christine
Prince, Terry 
Puleo, Lynn
Ratko, Carol 
Rickards, John
Robertson, Cheryl
Roesener, Josh
Ruane, Patricia 
Rutkowski, Lisa 
Salvatore, William 
Sheaff, Christine 
Simpson, Theresa
Sinha, Megha
Slater, Glenn
Smith, Tim
Stein, Barry
Sweeney, Colleen
Thompson, Desiree 
Villante, Joanne
Viola, Tom
Vogelsong, Erin
Wills, Barry
Wivel, Jacqueline
Zacharczuk, Olena
Zagar, Sandra
Zegestowsky, Jane
Zegestowsky, Jason