Liberal Arts - Communication

The Liberal Arts – Concentration in Communications major adds some specificity to the interdisciplinary foundation of a liberal arts program. By combining core courses with electives, you can develop a subspecialty in journalism, public relations, or business communication. Upon graduation, you can transfer seamlessly to a four-year institution for further study, without losing time or credits.

  • Journalism Track: This course of study will prepare you for a career in which writing is an essential element. You might work in print or digital journalism, magazine publishing, editing, or corporate and trade publications.
  • Public Relations Track: This option will prepare you to work in media relations and organizational communication, which can include internal and external message delivery, crisis communication, and media campaigns.
  • Business Communication Track: With this option, you will study professional communication, including internal and external communication used as a function of management and marketing.

In addition to specialized skills, you will develop the ability to think logically, interpret information, communicate results, meet deadlines, and foresee potential problems. These are skills essential for success in any profession and in life.

Course Sequence for Liberal Arts with a concentration in Communications