The primary purpose of Manor College is to provide its students with an education based upon the Judeo-Christian tradition. Manor believes that the ideals and values of the Judeo-Christian tradition are an integral part of human existence that give purpose and meaning to education and should illuminate every field of study and college life. Fundamental among these values are life and human dignity.

Manor believes that education heightens a person’s self-awareness in his/her relationship to others, to the world and to God. Manor also believes that education will help generate a commitment to a peaceful world, which alone can inspire confidence in the present and hope for the future.

Recognizing that human development requires the integration of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the person, Manor strives, through effective teaching, to provide its students with a personalized education that promotes a wide breadth of learning, and enables students to fully develop as individuals.

Manor professes that its students should possess an understanding of basic scientific, humanistic and ethical principles. To foster growth in these areas, students are encouraged to develop a sense of inquiry, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. Acknowledging that a complex technological society demands professional competency, Manor offers both liberal arts and career-oriented transfer and Associate degree programs. To develop the required career competencies, students are provided opportunities for laboratory, clinical, and internship experiences.

Because of the importance that moral, social, and aesthetic values have in human life, the curricula also provides for the development, clarification and appreciation of these values. The various academic disciplines, and the manner in which they interrelate, are emphasized in order to allow the students to develop a global vision of humanity and the world. The intrinsic relationship of theory and practice, and the social responsibility of the educated person are emphasized. In its academic, student and institutional support programs, Manor is committed to providing those services, experiences and programs which will enhance and strengthen this educational process.

In keeping with its mission, Manor College is committed to offering learning experiences which are sensitive to the needs of its students, as well as to the needs of the professional, business, health, and public sectors of the community which it serves. Manor supports the concept of life-long learning and, through its day and evening continuing education curricula, is committed to serving the part-time student both in its degree and non-degree programs.

Through a participatory form of government, Manor encourages communication among all the constituencies of its academic community. The College is governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of both lay and religious members. The College confers the Associate in Art and the Associate in Science degrees in the liberal arts, transfer and career-oriented programs. Certificates and diplomas are likewise conferred in various areas of study. In light of its Basilian tradition, Manor provides students equal opportunity, without discrimination, to benefit from its educational experience.

One of the marks of an educational institution is service to the community. Given the College’s resources and capabilities, Manor’s community services reflect its philosophy, educational program, ethnic heritage and tradition.