giving back

Deborah Sesok-Pizzini MD

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We were motivated to set up an annual donation to Manor College because my Aunt Ann was very active in the Ukrainian community during her lifetime and it was a way for us to continue that tradition. Also, she was a strong believer in education and would help us with gifts during medical school. I became a clinical pathologist, and I know how important the field of medical technology is to patient care in the hospital. I know it is a field that is so necessary, yet it may be difficult to recruit individuals into the discipline either because they are unfamiliar with the job or they are attracted to other fields of study. It was our hope to get more students interested in the study of medical laboratory technology. We hope to continue our support for this very important program at Manor College. My mother, Geraldine Sesok, has also actively supported the fund throughout the years in honor of this family legacy.